COAST Autonomous

Largo, FL, USA

Robotics Engineer

COAST Autonomous logo

I joined COAST Autonomous as a Robotics Engineer in November 2020 to improve the localization capabilities of the company's autonomous vehicles. Specifically, the localization algorithm that I designed would complement the existing setup and enhance robustness during outdoor navigation. I was only able to spend around 8 months with COAST as I committed to a PhD program prior to joining the company. Read more


Austin, TX, USA

Autonomous Robotics Engineer

SIERA logo

I joined SIERA.AI, which was known as Stocked Robotics, Inc. then, as an autonomous robotics engineer in March 2019. As primarily a software company, SIERA.AI provides software defined solutions to optimize operations in the logistics, warehousing and manufacturing industry, to name a few. Read more

DunAn Precision, Inc. - R&D Division

Austin, TX, USA

Mechanical Engineer

DunAn logo

I started my position as the principal mechanical engineer at the R&D Division of DunAn Precision, Inc. in April 2018. Even though DunAn Precision, Inc. focuses primarily on the HVAC industry, the R&D Division in Austin, TX developed smart cameras called the Visual Inertial Measurement Unit (VIMU) for industrial robotics and autonomous vehicle applications. In February 2019, the division was dissolved due to funding issues, which also affected many of DunAn's other operations in North America. Read more

The University of Texas at Austin Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Austin, TX, USA

Graduate Research Assistant

UT Austin ME Dept logo

During my master's degree, I worked with Dr. Eric Fahrenthold from the Mechnical Engineering Department on the investigation of doped carbon nanotube models as part of a basic research project funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR). The outcomes of my research can be found in the form of my master's thesis on the UT Electronic Theses and Dissertations website and a Computational Materials Science journal article. Read more

Robotics and Motion Laboratory

University of Michigan, USA

Undergraduate Student Research Assistant

RAMlab logo

I joined the Robotics and Motion Laboratory (RAMlab) in November 2014, when I expressed my interest to work in the lab for a research course for the Winter 2015 semester. Together with PhD mentor Wyatt Felt, we worked to create a Smart Braid that effectively senses contraction of the McKibben artificial muscle that it wraps. Read more

Pierpont Commons

University of Michigan, USA

Student Building Manager

Pierpont Commons

I first started working as a student building manager at the Pierpont Commons in May 2014. Alongside other student building managers, I worked to support the visitors of Pierpont Commons and ensure the safety of patrons during administrative office after hours. Read more

Malaysia Midwest Games Committee

University of Michigan, USA

Logistics Director, Check-in Co-director

Malaysia Midwest Games 2015 logo

Similar to the Summer Olympics, the Malaysia Midwest Games is a sporting event organized annually by Malaysian students in a specific university in the United States for Malaysian students nationwide. In October 2014, as representatives of University of Michigan Malaysian Students Association, the Malaysian Midwest Games Committee has succeeded in bidding to host the Malaysia Midwest Games 2015. The event that took place during the Memorial weekend in 2015 was a great success, with over 950 attendees from all over the United States and Canada. Read more

Solar Car Team

University of Michigan, USA

Mechanical Design Engineer

UM Solar logo

I joined the University of Michigan Solar Car team from January 2014 to October 2014. As part of the Brakes team from the Mechanical Department, I designed Quantum's parking brake system for the 2014 American Solar Challenge. Read more

American Degree Transfer Program Student Committee

Sunway University, Malaysia

Head of Human Resources

ADTP Board Committee 2013

I became part of the American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) student committee from January 2012 to March 2013, first as a regular Logisitcs team member, then as Head of the Human Resources Department. As a student body that commits to provide help and assistance as well as to protect the welfare of ADTP students, we organized events that helped students to familiarize with American cultures, news, and occasions. Read more