2015 - Online Portfolio

As a mechanical engineering student, coding is quite an essential skill to have, considering that we have to deal with Matlab and C quite often. However, I came across learning HTML when I joined the Malaysia Midwest Games 2015 Committee's Web Department to help out. My friends introduced me to sites like Codecademy and Code School, which I find incredibly accessible to learn coding skills. With much encouragement by my peers, I started learning HTML and CSS through Codecademy, which began sometime in March.

I wanted to create an online portfolio that could elaborate on the skills and experiences that I couldn't do so on my résumé, plus show employers myself from a less academic perspective. It took me about 5 months to learn, design, and set up my online portfolio. I used the HTML5UP template TXT, which provided the base design for this website.

I'd like to voice my appreciation to Vicky Ong, Puvindren Supramaniam for providing some of the images on this website. I'd also like to thank Qyira Yusri for spell-checking my website, and Sayyid Sofwan, Eugene Goh, Yusuf Abdullah, Suffian Hamzah for sharing their web building knowledge.


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